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Tesco direct has been around for a few years now, and is proving to be very successful with online shoppers. It is still early days yet, but the product ranges are getting more extensive week by week, and it will not be long before it has become the market leading catalogue on the internet. Tesco has massive buying power, more than any other company in the UK, so they will have the advantage of getting hold of cheaper products, which they will pass on to its customers.

It is like a snowball effect, and it just does not stop until they reach the top. Every other catalogue retailer is scared stiff of what tesco can do, and it was only really a matter of time before they explored the riches of the internet. The website is very simple. like all of them are, and you will find everything from the home page without too much trouble at all. The catalogue is a result of exploring non food items from their supermarkets, just like asda have done. They have vast amounts of floor space available and so they started with a few small items like televisions and dvd’s, and then tried different products like fridges, freezers and other large appliances.

These things seemed to sell very well, and there was already a huge customer base to draw upon. Having these things all in the same place was very convenient for everyone, so it was natural that they would sell very well. As things progressed, tesco opened its eyes to having a catalogue, as companies like argos had seen huge profits and were virtually unchallenged for many years. Tesco direct is the result of many years of planning and preparation and it has big things planned for it.

There are a few special offers on such as vouchers for money of depending on how much you spend. This is copying what argos already does a few times a year, so the intention is clear, tesco is going after argos’ business share of the market. There are lots of different departments in the catalogue, and they are much the same as all the other catalogue operators. You will find them at the top of the home page in little tabs. This makes it simple to jump to any page with just a click of the mouse.

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Also on the home page are the latest deals and offers, and again, these are displayed in very big adverts so you are immediately drawn to them. It is a good advertising technique, and faster internet connections have really helped out with this. Before, it would have taken too long to load the page, but now that is no longer an issue. When you have the need to show customers what you are selling, then pictures do it better than words, and there is no doubt that broadband has increased online sales dramatically.

The prices are as low as anyone else can offer, so you can be coincident that when you buy with tesco you will be getting the lowest price available. Some of the items are half price or less for limited periods, so it is a good idea to check the web site often for these deals. You can always sign up for e-mail alerts so you will not miss a thing, and this is free. You can even let tesco know which things you are most interested about so the e-mails will be targeted with the right stuff you want. This is how far modern online shopping as developed in a few short years, it is very customer focused, which is how it should be.

There are other references to argos on the site that will annoy them. One of these is that tesco has over 1000 products that are lower in price than with the argos catalogue. Tesco are keeping a close eye on their competitors prices, just like they do with the food shopping business. Another challenge to argos is on the delivery charges. Tesco deliver for less than argos do, and are not afraid to let everyone know about it either. It is like a kid spoiling for a fight, and time will tell if argos fights back. This could be good news for consumers if a price war breaks out, because everything will come down in price, and the firm with the biggest buying power will come out on top. Seeing as tesco has more resources to do this, then there will only be one winner.

The delivery options are also pretty good, and you can have home delivery for an extra £5, even on large items. For a few extra pounds you can specify a time slot within 2 hours if you don’t fancy waiting in all day. Even better is if you have your goods delivered to your nearest tesco store because this is free. And as most stores are open till very late, you will have plenty time to pick them up at your leisure. You do need to pick them up within 10 days though. If you spend over £200 on large appliances then delivery is free, and this is very good indeed.

The tesco direct catalogue offers a good selection at very low prices. It will get bigger and better as time goes on, so watch out for it. Aggressive advertising will grow the already strong brand name, and the reputation. A very good choice for online consumers.

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