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The Very catalogue is the new name for littlewoods direct. They have changed the name in the last few months to very. The reason is not known, or at least littlewoods have not really given an explanation for the change. It is a bit of a risk re-branding a successful catalogue when everyone is familiar the name, but no doubt the shop direct group have their reasons. Yes, the very catalogue is also under their control, and it focuses on branded fashion wear, much like additions direct does. In reality the main littlewoods site and the very catalogue are the flagship ranges in the group. They have the largest selections and have the most money invested in them. You will regularly see television adverts for these brands, but not for any of the others in the group.

Very has been branded as an online department store, and it certainly has the feel and look of one. A lot of work has gone into the site to make it more interactive and easy to use. The celebrity connections are strong and very are pushing this side of the business quite a lot. You have clothing collections from Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton that are very successful and have a large following. The colour schemes are different on the site, and there are some very good offers and deals on all the time, especially for those who shop regularly. Loyal customers are well rewarded with very online.

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The departments are situated at the top of every page, with the different categories well laid out for you. The main page has a big advertisement in the centre, and the latest deals are the buy now pay later, and the 3 for 2 offers. The womens section has clothes for less than half price, which is being used to gain more customers to the new catalogue. All these clothes are from the best brands and collections, and there are style and trend tips to help you choose the best clothes for coming seasons. Each month there are sales on selected items, and these are featured prominently in this department. You can request a paper copy of the very catalogue from the site if needed, and it will be shipped to your door. Shopping at the site is even easier if you have the catalogue because you can just type in the product code into the search box and find things that way.

The “new in” button takes you straight to the new stock clothing lines, or you can shop by collection, which there are over 133 lines to choose from. The branded clothes are well stocked to, from labels such as Miss Sixty, Bench, Diesel and Firetrap to name just a few. Each item gets a customer rating, and the most popular have 5 stars next to them. These are what the previous customers have rated them, but you can also shop by price and category. With over 500 dresses and tops, you do get a huge selection. The prices are as low as you will find anywhere, so it is just a case of browsing to find the perfect item you need.

The same is true for the mens section, with a vast array of designer clothes and accessories on offer for all occasions. All the designer labels are included and the gifts section will help you find the ideal presents for friends and family. Jeans are very popular and very have their own jeans department with over 140 lines in it. A very comprehensive choice indeed.The kids and nursery section has the same type of set up and caters for infants and babies, with a whole range of accessories and clothes, that are very reasonably priced. Parents can quickly find the hottest trends from the many childrens characters that are on sale.

The electricals department has every kind of gadget you can think of, and the latest technology such as blue ray and ipods. Plasma and lcd televisions feature strongly here, and there are some very good bundle deals with free dvd players on certain items. Gaming consoles from Playstations and Wii are at rock bottom prices, with bundle deals of free extra games with them. The more you spend the more you can save.

Every kind of appliance is in stock, from washing machines to fridges. There is a broad range of technology and prices, from the basic to the very latest must have appliances from well known brands. The is where you will find some of the best deals, some less than half price as very seem to be pushing the sale of appliances at the moment. Top names are included from Hotpoint and Indesit, and every appliance has its own rating. The guides also help you find the best product for your needs.

Very online also has a network page, which has some very good interactive features. They are on twitter, and you can keep up with the celebrity news this way. There is a vip lounge area, where you can chat to the celebs and others who are very members. If you have a problem then this is the place to be heard. Very TV gets you behind the scenes of the latest tv adverts and the fashion shoots. There are some competitions you can enter and get big sums of money to spend if you are a winner. This is taking the shopping experience to new levels, and is certainly the way forward.

Delivery is very good, with next day and nominated day delivery available. Next day costs £3.95 and nominated day is £6, but you ca now specify a time slot. If you are not sure about what to go for then there is also a live chat feature where you can talk to a very representative online, a nice customer focused feature. Larger items such as appliances will have different lead times and delivery options so make sure you get the details when you place your order to avoid confusion.

You can set up an account with very UK, and this gives you access to the many payment options, such as buy now pay later, interest free credit when you pay the required balance by the next month, and shopping insurance and extended warranties. You can also spread the cost over 3 months, and pay no interest on theses goods.

In conclusion, the very online catalogue is taking great steps to provide a better customer experience when shopping online. The ranges are extensive, and focus on designer goods at affordable prices. The site is simple to use and well laid out. The network is a new idea and gets you closer to the shopping process. The clever use of celebrities has paid off in a big way, and the clothing collections continue to grow each month.

One very important point to note is that the prices are cheaper in the Very catalogue than in the main Littlewoods catalogue. The same items are considerably cheaper. This is because the Littlewoods site focuses on credit terms for the items.

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