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Next shopping are the well known high street chain that now operate in hundreds of countries worldwide. They have been around for a number of years and have built their business from the high street by focusing on fashion clothing. The Next own label brand is incredibly popular for offering quality goods at reasonable prices. The main focus is always on quality with Next and they have a strong brand name because of this. To keep up with the shopping industry, Next now sell a whole new range of goods such as furniture, electrical items and appliances. All these products are available from the Next directory and at the online web site. The directory is not free, it cost around £4, and you can request a copy from the web site or by telephone. The reason why it is not free, unlike all the other catalogue companies, is that it is a quality product, with a hardback cover and very glossy pages. It has an air of quality about it, and this is the impression that Next are trying to create, a more up market feel catering to the middle class shoppers in the UK.

The Next web site is very professional looking, and adds to the quality feel you get with the brand. The colour scheme is the same as you get at the stores, black and white headings. Because of this you instantly know you have arrived at the right place, and it is a good example of continuing the brand to the online community. The pictures and graphics at the Next site are second to none, and all the products are well laid out. On the main page you are met with a huge graphic of the latest fashion clothes and deals. Next has made its money on fashion and so the main focus is certainly towards this.

Most of the clothes are from Next own label, which sells well enough on its own, but you can also buy other well known brands like Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Miss Sixty. One thing that Next do better than the rest is to have interactive photos of the designer goods. You get the models in different situations, not just a two dimensional picture on a white background. A lot of thought and care has gone into these pictures and it shows when compared to the other catalogue stores. If you shop by collection then you will see a slideshow along the middle of the screen that you can move along. In this slideshow are even more clear pictures and interactive features. It gives you a very good idea of what these clothes look like in the real world, and they are dynamic and glossy, just the right way to enhance sales. This has proved to be a winning formula because sales at the online site have risen sharply in the past year. Next are certainly leading the way with their site, and it really does show.

next directory

You can shop by brand, by category, by size, customer rating, product number, if you have the directory with you, by price or by collection. It is a very efficient way of shopping and very user friendly for customers. From any page you can jump to another department, and you are never more than a click away from the main home page.

Building on their reputation, Next have branched out into other markets such as in selling furniture. This furniture is exclusive and expensive, and is quality all round. They have the very best styles and trends in interior design, and bespoke pieces of home ware and furniture. To represent this, you can view the furniture in each room setting. And this is a great way of showing what they look like if they were in your home. Again, it offers something different to the rest, and sets Next apart from their competition.

The range of goods in the furniture department is very good, and they are all carefully selected to give a wide variety of price and value. You can get cheaper items for under £20, so Next cater for all budgets and wallet sizes. The appliances section contains the usual things like fridges, washing machines and cookers from well known brands. The appliances range in price and specification, but all of them are high quality, reflecting what Next are all about.

For a little more interaction you can go to Next Tv, where can view the latest TV adverts and fashion shoots for the magazines. There are also buying guides and fashion tips from the well known designers. Delivery options are pretty good, and you have the collection service because Next have their high street shops. You can pick up your order from the nearest shop at the most convenient time for you. The packaging is also very well done and professional looking. Delivery for appliances takes a bit longer and will cost a  bit more.

The Next store card allows you buy things right away, and pay for them later. You can enjoy interest free credit if you pay on time, which is handy at holiday periods when money can be a bit tight. Look out for the offers section on the site, where all the biggest sale items are kept. You can get regular e-mail updates on these, so you will not miss out on anything.

The Next directory is a very high class catalogue that is aimed at the more wealthy shoppers. By using their strong brand name they have moved into other markets with great success. There is an air of style and quality about Next that comes across very well at the web site. They are leading the way with design in this respect and it shows in their continued growth and expansion.

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  1. elaine yates-brown on October 26th, 2011 10:48 am

    I am looking to order a next home del book fort a friend how would he apply for his ?

  2. on November 14th, 2011 8:03 am

    Hi Elaine
    The only way to get hold of the Next Directory is to apply for a Next account on their website. Once you are approved they will send you a copy twice per year. Bear in mind that you do have to pay it.

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